Anime Game Zuma

anime game zuma

I invite you to try this nice anime zuma game, In this anime game you need think how powerful Naruto is. He has to run […]


Zuma Revenge

zuma revenge

Continuation of popular game z. deluxe famous. Zuma Revenge, a game in which they were adding new graphics and game elements. The aim of Z.R. is identical […]


Zuma Bubbles

The goal of zuma bubbles is to remove all the balls by forming groups of minimum 3 balls of the same color. Eliminate more balls of the same color at once


Zuma Game

zuma deluxe

Zuma deluxe is super familiar game, was developed by Pop Cap Games. On the frist 3 levels gameplay is easy but after few stages the game will be difficult.

Welcome to, the place where you will find all your favorite zuma games. Here you can find a complete collection of zuma games like zuma deluxe, bongo, bubbles, fruit, and many others.All the games presented here are based on the same scenario and has simillar gameplay like the original game and all you have to do is form groups of 3 or more balls/balloons/fruit of the same color to remove them from the table.Remove as many balls as possible at once to gain more points and beat you friend's highscore. Try them all and share your favourite one with your friends.Also if you have a website you can put any game on your site by copying the embeded code wich can be found under each game.

If you want to play more zuma games please visit this site Zuma Deluxe